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Imagine the scent of fresh-made waffle cones wafting through the air of your wedding ice cream reception. Also imagine scoops of award winning Gunther’s Ice Cream and a delicious topping bar. We scoop up something fun, different and memorable at wedding receptions in the Sacramento Area and Bay Area!

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Pricing exclusive of delivery, setup and service. Minimum catering charges may apply, depending upon date of service and location.

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  • Waffle Bowl Ice Cream

    Rich's Ice Cream Catering Waffle Bowl Ice Cream Social
    We bake fresh, on-site, huge waffle bowls and then scoop them full of ice cream. You get to put on all of the toppings from the Build Your Own Sundae ice cream social. Great fun, and lots of WOW!

  • Waffle Cone Ice Cream

    Rich's Ice Cream Catering Waffle Cone Ice Cream Social
    We bring seven of our most popular ice cream flavors and scoop them into fresh, made-on-site waffle cones.

  • Build Your Own Sundae Ice Cream

    Rich's Ice Cream Catering Build Your Own Sundae Ice Cream Social
    Eight ounces of your favorite ice cream and you add all of the toppings! We also bring our waffle cone irons and make fresh-made waffle wedges.

  • Brownie Sundae Ice Cream

    Rich's Ice Cream Catering Brownie Sundae Ice Cream Social
    We bring seven flavors of ice cream and all of the toppings, then stack it tall with fresh-baked brownies. These Brownie Sundaes are quite a visual and a whole lot of fun!

  • Root Beer Float

    Rich's Ice Cream Catering Root Beer Float Social
    Creamy vanilla ice cream, scooped into all of the ice-cold, frosty root beer or orange soda that you and your guests can drink. Add chocolate ice cream for an authentic “Mississippi Mud Float.”

  • Ice Cream Flavors

    Rich's Ice Cream Catering Ice Cream Flavors

    We very proudly serve Gunther’s Homemade Ice Cream from Sacramento,  made the same great way since 1940, and the recipient of many awards!

    Base Flavors

    Choose 1 of the following:

    Oreo Cookie
    Mint Chocolate Chip
    Strawberry Sorbet
    Mocha Fudge
    Black Raspberry Marble
    Rainbow Sherbet
    Lemon Sorbet (dairy free)
    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
    Pistachio Almond
    Blackberry Yogurt
  • Toppings

    Rich's Ice Cream Catering Toppings: peanuts, oreos, sprinkles, cherries, gummy bears, espresso beans

    Dry Toppings


    Maraschino Cherries
    Rainbow Sprinkles
    Chocolate Sprinkles
    Gummy Bears
    Oreo Cookie Pieces
    Fudge Sauce
    Strawberry Sauce
    Marshmallow Sauce